Social & Corporate Internships, Ventures, Model African Unions. Our fellows practice and develop skills by engaging in internships, running ventures, and participating in leadership simulations


Mentorship & Global Peer Collaboration Students are guided by a network of mentors & connected to a network of peers from across the globe through a unique technology platform.


New Thinking & Learning Methodology Fellows’ thinking is challenged & stretched through innovative learning methodologies, a process that requires re-orientation of the mind, active learning, purposeful questioning, & entrepreneurial thinking.

You are only limited by your imagination.

TBP is reimagining current education to career models and unlocking potential by providing selected Nigerian university students with the winning career and leadership playbook. We enable our fellows by connecting them to the network, skills and resources that will allow them to be globally competitive, business-minded, solution driven, critical-thinkers and most importantly employable. We put great emphasis on global peer collaboration, mentoring, networking, career support and internships as the ingredients for success in their leadership, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial journeys.

What you will learn

TBP fellows are thinkers, creators, innovators, and problem-solvers. At TBP, we will help you develop these skills and prepare you for the future.


Self, Others, Institution. You will learn what it takes to lead (yourself and others), take ownership of tasks and be your best.

Decision making

Data & Judgement Learn to make almost accurate decisions by gathering data, analyzing the data and judging from it.


Solution oriented, Community focused, Lasting institutions. You will learn what it takes to build lasting institutions.



Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

The ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or believe is a skill we equip our fellows with at TBP. At The Bridge program, you are encouraged to think beyond the norms of your background, race, ethnicity, religion, stereotypes and mental models. You are ignited to look into the depths of your mind through deep reflections to acknowledge a persistent problem or trouble that you are passionate about in your community and the world at large. We stir you to unearth possible sources and causes of these problems and BUILD insightful and near perfect solutions to solving them. See the BUILD in a BOX model.


Communicating for Impact | Data & Decisions

21st century leaders need to be able to make informed decision. Informed decisions are made by effectively analyzing data and drawing insights from them.  By analyzing data, industry leaders and entrepreneurs are able to tackle real world problems with a lot more accuracy and credence. At TBP, we teach this skill. 

However, that is not enough. Problem solvers need to be able effectively communicate their findings to the appropriate stake holder. Be it investors, managers or government parastatal. Communicating for Impact | Data & Decisions module is designed to equip TBP fellows with these skills. 


Case studies & Practice

It is not all theory at TBP. Our fellows are tasked with identifying pressing needs in their immediate environment, usually one they are most passionate about and interested in tackling. They develop case studies of their chosen challenge, get data analyse it and make informed decisions on how best to tackle these problems.



We find and send our fellows out for internships in social, government and corporate firms as it may align with their interests and career aspirations. We have had some of fellows intern with Snerttrap (A fashion school),  ALA (African Leadership Academy) and many other institutions. See out internship page.

Capstone project

After a rigorous and thought provoking boot-camp. Our fellows are made to pick up a project that helps solve a pressing need/problem in their local or global community while we provide support and advice to our fellows and watch them grow!